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    Peasley Funeral Homes – Lincoln IL

    Has your family experienced the loss of a loved one? It's time to call the local funeral home for the help you need when planning services that will honor your loved one. At Peasley Funeral Homes, we provide funeral services to families in Lincoln Illinois and throughout Central Illinois area. As a family-owned funeral home, we understand the needs of our neighbors when it comes to grieving their loved ones. Additionally, with years of experience, we provide a dedicated team that does all they can to help you through this difficult time. Please contact our staff for more information.

  • Funeral Service

    Our funeral home serves all cultures and faiths with funeral services that accommodate the beliefs of the deceased and their families. Talk to our staff about your specific needs, and let us make an accommodation to celebrate your loved ones.

    Military Honors

    We believe that all military members deserve to be honored for the service. If your loved one was a member of the military, talk to us about certain benefits they may be eligible for under VA rules. We will help honor your loved one as they deserve.

    Memorial Services

    Have important people been unable to attend a loved one's funeral services? Don't take that chance. Talk to our staff about memorial services that are easy to schedule around out-of-town relatives and other impediments.

    Reasons for Funeral and Memorial Services

    For some family and friends, the idea of holding a service for a deceased loved one can be difficult. However, regardless of the sadness and grief that lingers in their minds, there are plenty of important reasons to hold some sort of service. Here are a few reasons you should consider having one:

    • Religious and spiritual rites of passage may have been important to the deceased, allowing you to honor those beliefs and take part in the final step of their spiritual journey.
    • This provides the opportunity to see family and friends and to share stories that celebrate the life of the deceased and aid in the grieving process.
    • Services and ceremonies help provide a form of closure for friends and family.
    • Friends and family can honor the memory of the deceased, always holding them in their hearts and minds.
    • Loved ones get one last chance to see the face and say goodbye to the deceased's earthly body.
  • Cremation Services

    Sometimes, traditional funeral services aren't always the best option for honoring the deceased. For these situations, there are cremation services that help families with flexibility when it comes to scheduling and storing the remains of their loved ones.

    Reasons for Cremation

    Many people just assume they'll be buried at the end of their life. However, cremation has become an increasingly common choice for end of life care. Here's why people are choosing cremation:

    • Direct cremations cost less than a traditional funeral.
    • Cremations provide more flexibility when planning memorial services.
    • Cremations allow for multiple loved ones to carry part of the deceased with them.
    • Cremations allow mobility, meaning you may not have to leave the final rest place of a loved one behind.
    • Cremations allow ashes to be scattered at places of special importance to the deceased, assisting them on their spiritual journey.

    Funeral Pre-Planning

    Relieve the burden of funeral planning for your loved ones. With funeral pre-planning services, you can plan and pay for the funeral or cremation in advance, which helps surviving friends and family members properly honor their loved one.

    Personalized Memorial Services

    As the years go on, traditional funeral services and burial rites are not always fitting the needs, traditions, and customs of local families. At Peasley Funeral Homes, our staff can help you organize a personalized memorial service that will feature the important things as decided on by you, your family and the deceased.