• Trusted Funeral Pre-Planning Services In Atlanta IL

    Quiram-Peasley Funeral Homes – Atlanta IL

    Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? Call our local funeral home for the service you need to help you through this overwhelming time. At Peasley Funeral Homes, we take pride in offering funeral pre-planning services to customers in Atlanta Illinois and throughout Central Illinois. Additionally, with years of funeral experience and a dedicated team, you can be sure that we're doing all we can to make this process comfortable and hassle-free. Please contact our staff for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment.

  • Funeral Service

    At our funeral homes, we provide all cultures and faiths with funeral services that accommodate their beliefs. Don’t hesitate to approach our staff with special requests that would make you or your family feel more comfortable with the service.

    Military Honors

    At Peasley, we believe that military service members deserve to be honored. If your loved one was a member of the military, they may be entitled to certain benefits. We can help you communicate with the VA or local representatives to ensure they receive the services they deserve.

    Memorial Services

    Sometimes, not all family members can attend a funeral or maybe hold away for some reason. With a memorial service, you'll have more control over scheduling so that all-important people can pay their proper respects.

    Reasons for Funeral & Memorial Services

    The idea of holding service can be difficult for the friends and family members of the deceased. However, there are many reasons to hold a memorial service for both the deceased and the surviving loved ones. Here are a few of the benefits of services for grieving families:

    • Allows you to experience and take part in religious and spiritual rites of passage, which could be important to the deceased person.
    • Provides an opportunity to connect with family and friends, sharing old stories that help you celebrate the life of your loved one.
    • Provides closure so friends and family can begin to heal and deal with the various stages of grief.
    • Allows friends and family to honor the memory of the deceased.
    • Gives loved ones the last chance to see their physical appearance and say goodbye to their earthly body.
  • Cremation Service

    For some families, a traditional funeral may not be the best option. For them, we offer cremation services that allow for flexibility when it comes to scheduling services, storing the remains, and much more.

    Reasons for Cremation

    It is the assumption of many that they'll just be buried at the end of their life. However, people are choosing cremation more and more due to a variety of reasons. Read below to see why this may be right for you or your family:

    • Cremations don't cost as much as traditional funerals.
    • Cremations help provide flexibility throughout the funeral process.
    • Cremations provide a way for all loved ones to have a piece of that person closeby.
    • Cremations give the family mobility, meaning they won’t be tethered to a burial site.
    • Cremations provide a way to scatter ashes multiple places, assisting the deceased on their spiritual or religious journey.

    Funeral Pre-Planning

    The prospect of planning a funeral can be overwhelming. Release your loved ones from this burden with funeral pre-planning service that puts you in control of the ceremony that will honor your memory.

    Personalized Memorial Services

    Sometimes, traditional funerals and memorial services just don't fit the traditions and customs of families like they used to. With that in mind, the caring staff at Peasley Funeral Homes can work with you to provide a personalized service that incorporates all that is important to you, your family, and of course, your deceased loved one.